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Who Are We? Good Question.

This blog is co-written by two guys, Eric Huang and Luca Passamonti. Our goal is to share our opinions and viewpoints on the world, among other topics with you, the reader. We won't cover the traditional news here, if you want to read about the most current news then go read BBC or Aljazeera. What we want to cover on this site is a whole range of topics, but the unifying theme is who the articles are written by. We want this site to exist as a conversation between us and our readers. In a way, this is a informal forum...we're posting our thoughts and we want you to respond with yours. If you want to learn more, click the link over to the right. Learn More

Eric wrote Obama’s Greatest Strength?

Well, this may be surprising depending on whose reading this…but I think Obama’s greatest strength lies in his Internet marketing and branding. There is no doubt, that he “controls” the Internet…partly because the Internet is full of “young people (which are generically ‘liberal,’ take that however you like)” and because his campaign did such a great job recruiting talented web designers and developers to create a great looking and preforming website.

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Luca wrote Infrastructure- Key to Economic Success

While updates on the terrible state of the American economy roll in daily, President-Elect Obama is forging a plan to pull the United States economy out of danger.  The current economic downturn has successfully touched the lives of everyday Americans, as they struggle to keep their jobs, and get to the end of the month [...]

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