What is The Purpose
of this site?

Eric Huang

Eric Huang

Hey there! I’m Eric Huang, and it’s a pleasure to meet you. This blog you see here is the method in which I want to share my opinions and viewpoints with everyone in the world. You see, the main point of this blog is that here are two teenagers writing about their world and how everything is changing around them. This is our story in a way, and we want to share it with you all through our writings. We want this to be an ongoing conversation, an interactive way for you, the reader, to react and respond to us.

Here’s some more information on about who I am, just to give you some perspective. I’m a senior in the Potomac School, a prestigious private school. I attend school with some of the most influential parents in this entire country, many of which have money, and are highly educated. Their children are no different, and going to school with them is an adventure to say the least. I’m Chinese by blood, though because I have grown up in the US, I identify as White and Asian. I’m also a first generation American, my parents are true immigrants who came to this country seeking the American dream. This puts me in a unique position…one where I can see both sides of the equation, the higher upper class realm of living in the US and the more global stage. I am privileged enough to recognize these facts, and I want to make the best of my experience. It is my goal to explore my high school experience, and beyond in this blog.

In addition, I have a dream that one day I will change the world. I don’t know how I will achieve this goal, but I know why. I am very driven to create my mark on the world, to improve society, culture, and ultimately our civilization. My short term goals are to get into a good college, to study some form of business…and then to work all around the world. Eventually, I’d get a MBA somewhere and settle down with some cash flow in order to create a start-up. I don’t know the steps in order to get to this stage, but I know I want to work for this goal my entire life. Entrepreneurship is something I cherish dearly, and wish to always do wherever and whenever.

Luca Passamonti

Let me introduce myself, I’m Luca Passamonti.  I have known Eric for many years through school, as he has been in countless of my classes.  In the spring of 2008, we started talking of how to make a difference using the Internet.  After a short discussion, we reasoned that a blog met our requirements perfectly.  My personal objective with this blog is to express my opinions on world affairs to the widest possible audience.  Of course, my opinions may appear controversial or unwise, but they are opinions formulated by intellectual independence.  Although I live in the United States, my frequent travels to Europe enable me to view events with a dual perspective, which enables me to mold my own opinion.

I will look forward to reading your comments on my posts, as I seek to broaden my mindset to include new ideas.  My primary objective will be to think, and write, outside the box.